Sunday, March 17, 2013


Crap, I know it's been sooo long. I put this off. But there really isn't anything to say. I'm still in elastics. I was allowed for 4 days without them, but there were put back on. My jaw is 100% healed and I'm allowed to chew whatever I want. At first chewing was really weird and hard, but it's much easier now. The only reason I still have elastics in is mostly to rotate my jaw. It can be really annoying just because my jaw is angular in some photos, it really just depends. But it looks silly so I'm looking forward to having it done. On February 14th I went to Las Vegas for 5 days. March 6th was Kris' and I two year anniversary. Here is a picture from    Las Vegas and another from St Patties. :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 75

cinderella cup :)
               Hey guys, I know I haven't written to you in a while. But now it's just gotten to the point where nothing new is going on and I have nothing to write about, at least jaw surgery wise. I saw Disney on Ice though on Saturday, and cried within like the first 20 minutes, seeing as I'm just such a Disney lover. I'm not quite sure what I'm allowed to chew yet, so I've only been spoiling myself and chewing the odd thing. But for the most part, I'm keeping it off limits even though it's almost been 11 weeks. Just to kill some space I'll post a video of it! I'm going to Las Vegas in February, so I'm definitely looking forward to that. I'm pretty sure all my swelling is gone. And for those of you who can't chew and have a craving for chips, buy noname sour cream and onion flavoured rings, or their fluffy cheezies. They're amazing and they just dissolve! Except I think noname's a canadian company, so you'd have to find the alternative. If you're patient try golden oreos.

Friday, January 18, 2013

9 weeks(DAY 63)

I went to my 9 week post-op yesterday (Wednesday), and it was extremely quick. I went in, he asked me to bite than open several times, and then added a new elastic to the left side of my jaw. No biggie. :)
I've essentially been a tornado, I'm still only allowed to chew wonder bread. But this doesn't stop me, I destroy any food that crosses me. Pizza, Filet O Fishes( YUM, MCDS), fries, sandwiches. All I need is a fork and knife and my swallowing whole skills. Except for when it comes to toast, muffins, cupcakes and other soft pastries because my ripping power can come into play. I eat a whooole lot of toast, I just missed it so much. Exams are very close, but I'm pretty excited. A new semester is soon to come. There's nothing too new to say! I can bite out of toast tho, its no trouble!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

DAY 56

Wow, it feels like it's been ages! I've been procrastinating a bit. But I'm also a busy bee. Once again, I did say that I'd be posting every week. Its week 8 already today! I actually had my week 7 appointment on Tuesday, and week 8 appointment today. My surgeon keeps switching my elastics around. I had 2 elastics in the front for a while, and square elastics in the back to pull together my bite. On Tuesday that was changed to two elastics on either side of my mouth. And today it was changed to 2 elastics on the right side of my mouth. Barely any at all! I'm pretty sure all of my swelling is down. Obviously pain is gone, has been for a while. I'm still swallowing whole. Some items I've been able to conquer, are: lightly toasted toast, pizza, hamburgers (YUM), fries, cupcakes, and some Christmas desserts. There might be others, but I can't quite remember. Lately I've been eating a lot of toast, with either delish butter or peanut butter and jam. It's very nice for a change, but that's about it! I'll update you guys next week. :)

Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve (Day 46)

Hey guys, still here. Happy New Year!! Honestly there is nothing new going on right now. Just work and relax time. My next appointment is on Tuesday January 8th. So I will know more by then. I asked my surgeon and he told me I can try chewing things as soft as wonder bread OCCASIONALLY  So I have tried a couple times, but it's pretty awkward and weird. Anything I tried to chew, like bread with melted cheese on it, or blueberry scones from Starbucks, I just became impatient and swallowed whole. It's just too weird of a motion to grasp. Today for dinner, Kris' family and I had cheese bread and Domino's pizza. I just cut my pizza into squares with a fork and knife shoved it down my throat. Very nice for a change, pasta is getting annoying. I also ate like 5 chips, I'd take off tiny pieces and moisten them as much as I could, than try to chew them into smaller pieces. I add more to this tomorrow, so stay around. It's late and I'm tired. :)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Days 40-42

Day 40 (Christmas)

Around 10-11 we started opening our stockings, we had a late start because we were waiting for my step-brother Zach and his girlfriend to come. My parents go all out on stockings, lots of gifts in them. To start off the morning, my Christmas sweater was also missing because my sister used it to wrap one of my gifts. But I was so excited to wear my Christmas sweater. Fortunately it was the first gift I opened. Got a lot of roots clothing and other useful things, plus $175 for Costa Rica from mom. After we opened all the gifts they started on making pancakes and bacon. We make our pancakes 100% homemade, no mixes, so they were delicious. I had 5 pancakes, they were extremely easy to swallow whole too. At around 1pm, our dad picked us up to take us to his place. Opened stockings and gifts. Got my new curling wand, yay, and around $110 in cash from dad for the Costa Rica trip. After finishing at my dads, we drove back into London to go to my grandmas. In total I collected about $50ish, and of course gifts on top of that (my dads side has like 6 relatives). My grandma's only 87, but were pretty sure she's getting a small case of Alzheimers. She's been getting the past mixed up with the present, and isn't thinking straight. She also has a really bad memory and a difficulty understanding anything, as in you tell her something and 2 minutes later she forgets. You wouldn't believe how many times she asked me what I was cooking on the stove (Sidekicks) in a 7 minute interval. I ate some strawberries in strawberry juice for dessert, and also had some normal soft white bread with margarine on top. After the gathering we went home and watched a movie.  

Day 41 (Boxing Day)

diamond necklace
he's blinking, oh well
I had froot loops for lunch (because I tend to sleep in until noon) and Kris got let off work 1 hour early. So mom and I picked him up and she drove us to the mall. Kris still had to pick up his boy gift for Bad Santa at my aunts, hence why we went to the mall. I got chicken teriyaki from the food court, from Manchu Wok  We also went to Best Buy to see if there were any cheap dvds. There really wasn't any good boxing day sales going on. Black Friday was definitely better. I ended up buying the My Sims PC game for 5 dollars though. I had the game for the Wii, but the CD got scratched and I figured might as well buy the game. Seeing as it was cheaper than my lunch. Kris opened up all of his presents, and was very happy with them on the way to my aunts. Once he tried his Christmas sweater on he kept saying how much he liked it, which is good. Part of my presents I opened up Christmas Eve, but the other half of my present was actually a diamond necklace. So that definitely made me happy, seeing as I've never owned anything with diamonds in it before. Seeing as we arrived at my aunts later because my sister was working, right when we got there we started to open up gifts. Which means Bad Santa. The girls went first, and than the guys. Kris and I like to view Bad Santa as a chance to get things for our future. Last year I got a nice knife set, and they were rainbow too, very good quality and have stayed in my closet unopened since. So for this year I got a garlic roaster, in the shape of a big garlic. Kris and I absolutely love garlic so we'll probably use it in the future. Kris ended up with a tool set which is also quite useful for the future. We had dinner and I also had tons of dessert. After dessert Kris and I just played games on my laptop until it was time to go.

Day 42 (Thursday)

I had froot loops and left over pancakes from Christmas today for lunch. Nothing too special to talk about happened though. I went to my dads and we had his noodles (the spice we use on them don't have a name) and chicken strips for dinner. I just cut the chicken strips into smaller pieces and swallowed. We ended up watching a movie, and of course I had a little bit of popcorn. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day 37-39

Day 37 (Saturday)

work, nice fat gap :)
Hey guys, so just a reminder, incase any of you were worried, I'm spacing out all of my posts because as you can read, it's day 37 and not much happens anymore :) When I woke up I had some pressure because of my new elastic arrangement and I took a tylenol 3.

Breakfast = Soggy Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Before we went out for lunch, around 10, I was the only one up and the bell rang. I went to the door and it was a door to door salesman selling security systems. He was most likely in his mid twenties. When I went to answer the door, his eyes widened and he got really nervous. He was trying to tell me what he was stuttering so much that I couldn't even understand what he was saying. I had no idea what he was saying and saw my mom coming down the stairs, so I sent her to speak to him. I told her "I think he's selling something to do with security, but it's hard to understand". She told him we already had one and sent him away.  

Lunch = French Toast and Toast w/ Jam at Harry's with the family.

I went into work at 2, and was sitting in the staff room. I guy comes in and said something about just finishing his second job. I was looking at him thinking about how much he looks like the guy that came into my house in the morning. So I said, "did you come to my house this morning?", and he looked at me for a while and said "oh yeah, I did, I didn't even recognize you". So odd coincidence that I work with him and didn't know it. I worked until 6:30 and it was a pretty fun shift. It wasn't too busy as far as christmas time goes. I was able to take orders on drive thru again, seeing as that's my zone and I got my splint off Friday. We're supposed to upsell at the end of every order, except I don't always do it, because some people have huge orders and are already spending enough money. A customer gave their order and at the end of it I asked them if they'd like 2 apple pies for $1.39. They said yes and I became quite excited over the headset and said "really?!" and they said yes. As I told them to come to the first window, a co-worker Maddie said over the headset that my reaction was pretty funny. As they came to the window, it ended up being my old neighbors, and they said that they were feeling like apple pie when I offered it to them, so it was perfect. My dad picked me from work and we had chicken rice and garlic bread for dinner. I also had some banana pudding pie for desert. 

Day 38 (Sunday)

I didn't record too much special for today. I had my usual cereal for breakfast and pasta for lunch and dinner. Kris came over in the afternoon and we just relaxed and watched a movie. At around 6:30 our neighbors and friends came over to prepare for christmas carolling. Something we do every year, for free of course. We carolled around, and came back in for homemade egg nog, egg nog martinis, and or homemade apple cider. And of course, a bunch of appetizers I couldn't eat. Kris left around 8 and I escaped to my room for the rest of the night.

Day 39 (Christmas Eve)

yay, nice fixed gap!
almost done mcgriddle bun (rhymes)
lots of snacks
My surgeon asked me to come back in. It was a normal checkup. He said he was very happy with how my jaw was developing, and changed my elastics around to decrease the pressure. He also told me that if I have to, take Aleve instead of Tylenol 3s because they have caffeine. I told my surgeon how because of the elastics position, they were also making my gap bigger because they were pulling my teeth apart. So he pushed my teeth together and put a wire around them so they'd stay together. Haha, who knew it was so easy to maneuver teeth. I haven't got the okay to chew yet, but I belive I'm close. My surgeon's going to Mexico, so I'm not sure when my next appointment is. On the way home my mother wanted a Sausage Egg McMuffin from McDonalds, so I asked for a McGriddle bun, just the bun, because its soft and sweet. It was actually extremely easy to swallow. Around 3 I believe, I went to Kris' house for Christmas Eve. I brought a butter scotch and chocolate pudding cup, along with sidekicks just in case I need them, but never did. For a snack, I ended up having Kraft Dinner, because Kris' dad was making it for his mom, but it was too overcooked and was going to get thrown out. We chilled in his room for a while and watched Dexter, but around 6:30 his family started arriving, and we all sat up there and watched people eat cookies and appetizers. I was able to eat pitabread with hummus and another thing that completly melted in my mouth was the chocolate peanut butter marshmallow squares. They were perfect. I stayed there till around 9:30 and went home to play family board games.